Artists at Play will hold auditions for the roles listed below as part of their inaugural production, Ching Chong Chinaman (Los Angeles premiere). If interested, please send your headshot and resume to by Friday, July 15th.

Ching Chong Chinaman

Producers: Julia Cho, Peter Kuo, Stefanie Wong Lau, Marie-Reine Velez
Author: Lauren Yee
Director: Peter J. Kuo

Rehearsals: October 2011
Performances: November 4 – 20, 2011

Auditions: Saturday, July 23, 2011

Please submit to this project by emailing your headshot and resume to Submission deadline is this Friday, July 15th. Script is available at Samuel French.


– 40s; Chinese-American; ultra-assimilated. Businessman, father and husband in an upper-middle-class family. Habitually avoids conflict, projects an optimistic and amiable image, but has a nervous laugh.

CHINESE MAN – 20s; Chinese; also known as J, JINQIANG, or CHING CHONG. Illegal immigrant who works as Upton’s indentured servant. Dance/movement experience preferred.

CHINESE WOMAN – all ages; Chinese. This role plays a variety of characters, including MRS. J, KIM LEE PARK, REPORTER, and ASIAN SCHOOLGIRL. Strong character work preferred.

* Note: CHINESE MAN and CHINESE WOMAN do not speak with Asian accents.

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