Artists at Play presented staged readings of Iggy Woo by Alice Tuan and Three Steps Back by Peter J. Kuo at our first annual Artists at Play Reading Series: Two Plays, One Day on March 24.
As part of our mission to present stories of communities underrepresented in theatre, it only made sense to add our resources to the ongoing support of Los Angeles-based playwrights. Like many theatre companies, we believe L.A. audiences deserve L.A. writers and L.A. writers deserve an L.A. audience.
Iggy Woo
Kiki loves Iggy. Iggy loves Julie the Cookie Girl. A play about unrequited love, quitting smoking and creating amidst consumption.
Carla Vega (Stage Directions), Justin Huen (“Iggy Woo), Brittany Lau (“Kiki Wong”) and Lucas Alifano (“Benicio Walsh”)
Rena Heinrich (Director), Alice Tuan (Playwright) and Marie Reine-Velez (Dramaturg)
Three Steps Back
Richard attempts to leave his crazed wife with his lover and hyper-diabetic daughter, but fate has other plans. A three-part dark comedy from different perspectives.
Crystal Woolard (“Bebe”), Daniel Blinkoff (“Richard”), Julia Cho (“Cassandra”), Tamlyn Tomita (“Danielle”), Greg Watanabe (“Fred”), Kendra Chell (“Juliet”) and Justin Kleiner (Stage Directions)
 Kimberly Colburn (Dramaturg), Peter J. Kuo (Playwright) and Skyler Gray (Director)
The event couldn’t have happened without our volunteers Chris Miyasaki and Wanru Tseng, graphic designer Crystal Woolard and photographer Christina Limson O’Connell.  
Special thanks to Alexis Macnab, Barnsdall Gallery Theatre, Birgitta Victorson, California Institute for the Arts, Clifford Son, Darlene Miyakawa, East West Players, Katie Pearl, Lowrie Marshall, Mike Okamoto, Paul Matthis and Yichao Wang.

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