Are you sick and tired of hoarding all those things you never ever use? AND do you want to help put on a show? Well, here’s your chance!

As we prepare for the next Artists at Play production, we will be holding a yard sale to raise funds for the Los Angeles premiere of Cowboy Versus Samurai by Michael Golamco. YOU can be a part of our second annual Artists at Play Yard Sale, a.k.a. Artists at Play Hoarders Helper-Outer Event! 

How, you ask?

Donate Stuff!
Why not take this opportunity to clean house and help support our artistic endeavors? WE ARE COLLECTING DONATIONS NOW (through April 26). We ask that all items are clean and in usable condition, and please note that larger/specialty items will help us reach our goal. To make pick-up/drop-off arrangements, email us at

Photo by Teresa Huang
Photo by Teresa Huang

Below are items that sold particularly well last year:

• FURNITURE (end tables, coffee tables, bookcases, bed frames, etc.)
• KITCHEN APPLIANCES (crock pots, coffee makers, rice cookers, electric grills, etc.)
• ELECTRONICS (CD players, DVD players, game consoles, cell phones, etc.)
• HOME DECOR (vases, picture frames, etc.)
• CDs & DVDs 

Buy Stuff!

Our yard sale is scheduled for Saturday, May 4th.  We’ll be in lovely South Pasadena (just off the 110N) on Mission Street (one block east of Fair Oaks Avenue). [MAP] We already have specialty items posted on our Facebook page, so snag them in advance by emailing us or leaving a comment on the photo of the item you want!

Thank you again for your support. What a great way to get rid of your stuff… and support theatre!

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