After countless submissions and dozens of auditions, Artists at Play proudly presents the cast for the Los Angeles premiere of Cowboy Versus Samurai!

FEODOR CHIN is Chester, Travis’ Asian Brother-with-a-Capital-B who is desperate to escape his small town. Theatrically, Feodor has appeared in All My Sons (Matrix Theatre Company), Three Sisters (Chalk Repertory) and A Winter People (The Theatre @ Boston Court).

JULIA CHO is Veronica, the new girl in town who holds the affection of Travis … but has a history of only dating white men. Julia is a founding member of Artists at Play and played Desdemona Wong in our inaugural production Ching Chong Chinaman.

DANIEL VINCENT GORDH is Del, Travis’ handsome but dim All-American cowboy friend. Daniel is best known for playing the role of “William Darcy” in the popular web series The Lizzie Bennet Diaries (which also featured Julia Cho as “Charlotte Lu”). 

WEST LIANG is Travis, a high school English teacher and the only Korean American in Breakneck, Wyoming. West is an accomplished writer and actor who was nominated for the LA Weekly Awards for his performance in Their Eyes Saw Rain, which he also wrote.

Also featuring: Michael Barnum (Chester u/s), Macleish Day (Del u/s), Elaine Loh(Veronica u/s) and Julian Yuen (Travis u/s).
Before we finalized this stellar cast of actors, we had an unexpected visit (and impromptu audition!) at the end of our casting weekend — check out this video and see who came to surprise us!

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