Cowboy Versus Samurai director Peter J. Kuo was recently featured in the LA Stage Times on his work, his career path, and the leap of faith he took just before starting work on the show.  Here is an excerpt: 

“‘There’s this beautiful blend of humor and heart [in Cowboy Versus Samura],’ says Kuo. ‘And it’s relatable because it has so much to do with insecurities. It really examines that and asks why do [insecurities] hinder your relationships with other people?’ 

With directing now his primary focus, Kuo traveled to Wyoming the week before rehearsals to briefly experience the small-town landscape of a burg similar to the play’s fictional Breakneck. He felt it was important to not only understand the location as a physical space but also talk to locals and understand the lifestyle of a community so far removed from Los Angeles…”

Read the article “As Kuo Stages Cowboy Versus Samurai, Directing is No Longer a Sideline” in its entirety here

Purchase tickets to the show (currently running until October 20) here.

Julia Cho, Daniel Vincent Gordh, West Liang. (photo credit: M Palma Photography)

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