As our mainstage show this year, Artists at Play will present the Los Angeles premiere of 99 Histories by Julia Cho (pictured here and not to be confused with our own Julia Cho, the actor/producer).  

99 Histories is a story about the bonds between parent and child, generation to generation. Eunice, a 29-year-old Korean American cello prodigy, comes home pregnant and unmarried, and tries to mend her relationship with her mother. Haunted by violent memories, Eunice must confront her ghosts before she can move forward. In this riveting and poignant drama of memory, legacy and home, what is remembered might be made up, and the only homelands that seem to exist are imaginary. 

We are excited to share this play by the writer Julia Cho, whose other works include BFEDurango, and The Language ArchiveMore to come, but we hope you will join us for 99 Histories in the fall!

$10 early-bird special available now for 99 Histories! Purchase tickets here.

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