5 Reasons to Support 99 Histories,
 Artists at Play’s 2014 Production

1.     Great work from local artists.
Artistic work is not volunteer work! Artists are writers, directors, designers, builders, actors, etc. and we value the work they do for our productions. Your support for [99 Histories] translates to support for local artists. If you prefer to shop at the farmers’ market and eating locally, then how about donating to this production and consuming some local entertainment?

2.     Expanding/increasing diversity in L.A. theatre.
We believe in sharing stories and narratives of contemporary Asian Americans in a medium that isn’t as diverse as we’d hope it to be. Alongside other companies, we’re working beyond colorblind casting and tokenism. Cultural representation and breakdown of stereotypes are values that are important to us and the work we do.

3.     Videos that are fun/funny/weird for you to enjoy. 

4.     This production has TWO Julia Cho’s.
Are you a fan of one, but don’t know the other? Did you know there were two Julia Cho’s in our entertainment industry? One is a writer, and one is an actor/producer; and we have them both! 99 Histories was created by the writer Julia Cho, and is being produced by and will star the actor Julia Cho. See? Not complicated at all.

5.     We can only do this work because of YOU. (Yes, you!)
We are a humble organization with a modest budget for a stage production, and while we have raised some money through our yard sale and other events, there is still a $7,000 gap in our income. Since we launched our Indiegogo campaign last Thursday, we have raised [31%]* of our goal, and there are only [8]* days left to raise the money. If [56]* people donated the dollar equivalent to a tank of gas, we’d pretty much be at our goal!

Thank you for your support! 

Marie-Reine Velez 

* THANK YOU FOR HELPING US REACH OUR GOAL! $10 early-bird special available now for 99 Histories. Purchase tickets here.

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