99 Histories is the fourth annual mainstage offering of Artists at Play … Its quality is something the young company can be proud of.” (Mark Hein, Theatre Ghost)

Many thanks to all those who came to see the Los Angeles premiere of 99 Histories. After a year of preparation and with the talents of our cast and crew, Artists at Play was able to present another beautiful show to the L.A. theatre community.

Check out our opening night video, which includes audience reactions and glimpses of the production itself. If you would like to continue seeing such works, please consider supporting by making a tax-deductible donation.

Year after year, Artists at Play builds upon the artistic quality and professionalism of past shows. Adding 99 Histories to our repertoire, we are grateful for your support in our mission to curate quality theatre in Los Angeles.

Next year will mark Artists at Play’s fifth season, which we have already been planning! Please stay in touch through Facebook, and/or Twitter, and keep up to date on all upcoming news and events.

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