Results for Mikado Game Night, as created by Artists at Play founding member/producer Julia Cho. From Artists at Play … at Play! (January 23, 2015), a special event to kick off our fifth year in Los Angeles theatre, featuring all-original pieces written by the AAP producers …

Mikado Game Night

Haven’t played the game yet? Read the original piece here and make your guesses before reading on …

The images below (from various productions of Gilbert & Sullivan’s The Mikado) are listed in chronological order, from oldest to most recent. 

JUNE 2013 | Mu Performing Arts & Skylark Opera 
Those are actually Asians! Learn more about the successful co-production in this article written by Mu’s then-artistic director, Rick Shiomi.

APRIL-MAY 2014 | Metro Theatre Vancouver 

Josephine Lee, English & Asian American studies professor at University of Minnesota, author of “The Japan of Pure Invention: The Racial History of Gilbert and Sullivan’s The Mikado, spoke with KUOW (Seattle).

JULY 2014 | Seattle Gilbert & Sullivan Society 

WARNING: More cringe-worthy images in this NBC News feature Stereotypes in ‘The Mikado’ Stir Controversy in Seattle

AUGUST 2014 | Seattle Public Theater 
How fun is this? Theatre for Youth production re-imagines The Mikado for the 21st century, setting it in the world of manga-style anime and pop culture with multi-ethnic cast of kids.

OCTOBER 2014 | Ventura County Gilbert & Sullivan Repertoire Company
This one actually got nothing but rave reviews! Watch a video clip here.

How-de-doo Trio #3

“Kind of a downer, huh? Just wanted to give you a sense of the broader national context that Artists at Play works in. But hey, thanks for playing!”

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