To help fund our 5th mainstage production, the West Coast premiere of In Love and Warcraft, Artists at Play has launched an Indiegogo campaign! We now have 24 HOURS TO REACH OUR GOAL of $8,000. We’ve raised our budget in order to accommodate our venue (The LATC!) and elevated production elements (monster fights!). Our deadline is Tuesday, July 27.

See our progress on the right? Click on the image to go to our Indiegogo page. Watch our video of 5 reasons why we’re excited about In Love and Warcraft, and check out the rewards that we’re offering. Through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Please consider donating and/or sharing our project with 5 of your friends! 

For a direct link to our Indiegogo page, click here. To view & share our video via YouTube, click below or right here.


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