Artists at Play in association with 2g 
present a new play reading of

Mei Ann Teo

Lily Tung Crystal, Meghan Kreidler, Randy Reyes, James Ryen, Kristina Wong

Friday, October 7, 2016
as part of the
National Asian American Theater Conference and Festival
Oregon Shakespeare Festival

About the Play: A parody coupled with moments of disorienting sincerity, Two Mile Hollow explores the dysfunctional family with brutality, awe and compassion. When the Donnellys gather for a weekend in the country to hash out belongings from their recently sold estate, an emotional storm breaks inside while a literal storm brews outside. As this family of famous, longing-to-be-famous, and kind-of-a-mess-but-totally-Caucasian characters come together with their personal assistant, Charlotte, some really really really really really complicated and totally unique secrets are revealed (over white wine).

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