Levels of Support

All donors will receive recognition online and in printed materials in 2018.

All of the above and special pricing for select events.

All of the above and dinner with the Artists at Play producers and guest artists.

All of the above and two (2) tickets to Artists at Play … at Play in 2018 (date TBD) with specialty snacks and beverages to enjoy at the show.

We are passionate about theatre—the art and community. It is our tool for advocacy and activism, as we believe experiencing diverse perspectives can help bridge the differences that divide us.

Our body of work demonstrates our commitment as producers to telling compelling American stories that reflect the diverse communities we all live in. And with our growing efforts in new play development, Artists at Play is actively working towards bringing unique voices to Los Angeles—and American—theatre.

Artists at Play is dedicated to presenting diverse theatre in Los Angeles. If you believe in the work Artists at Play does, we hope you’ll support AAP and our mission with a year-end tax-deductible donation.

Ticket sales only cover about 50 percent of our costs associated with producing in Los Angeles. In 2018, we are expecting an additional $7,000 in expenses as union rules over acting compensation now require us to pay higher wages.

Supporters like you help ensure that we have the resources available to continue producing plays that explore the varied experiences of being Asian American. We are honored that you believe in our mission and programming.

Click here to make a year-end tax-deductible donation.

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