Artists at Play will hold auditions for the roles listed below as part of their upcoming production, Two Mile Hollow by Leah Nanako Winkler (World Premiere). Please send headshot and résumé to with Subject line: “TMH – [Select Character Name]” by Monday, July 9.

Two Mile Hollow

Producers: Artists at Play (Julia Cho, Stefanie Wong Lau, Marie-Reine Velez, Nicholas Pilapil)
Author: Leah Nanako Winkler
Director: Jeff Liu
Location: The Lounge Theatre

Contract: Los Angeles 99-Seat Theatre Agreement
Rehearsals: Begin September 8 through October 2018
Previews: October 11 & 12, 2018
Performances: October 11 – November 4, 2018
(possible one-week extension: November 8 – 11)
**Performance dates may be slightly adjusted**

Auditions: Saturday, July 21, 2018
Callbacks: Sunday, July 22, 2018

Equity and non-Equity actors eligible to submit. To be considered for this project, email your headshot and résumé to with Subject line: “TMH – [Select Character Name].” Include link to demo reel if available. Please note any firm conflicts with your submission. Deadline is Monday, July 9.

Sides will be made available to actors who are selected to audition. Note that Artists at Play is not able to provide full scripts.

This play is a riff on the “white people by the water” genre that is pervasive in theater, where affluent white people tackle their problems and uncover family secrets in a big house by the water while drinking white wine. This means that the Donnelly’s are a Caucasian family. However, they are played by actors of color
, specifically in this case, [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander] actors. Keep in mind that this work, in addition to being a satire, is a direct response to the highly produced and overblown (white) perspective that exists in theater. It is also a response to underrepresentation, whitewashing and other ridiculous things that tend to happen like yellowface in The Mikado (or in mainstream movies like Aloha, Ghost In the Shell, Doctor Strange, and countless others).


BLYTHE DONNELLY [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander], the Chekhovian matriarch and pill-popping widow to the deceased Derek Donnelly, a great and famous actor.

JOSHUA DONNELLY [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander], 44, a manic-depressive and Yale grad. Neurotic.

CHRISTOPHER DONNELLY [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander], 42, a self-involved movie star. Undeniably handsome and rugged.

CHARLOTTE [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander], 27, Christopher’s personal assistant and aspiring writer. Charming. Smart. Scrappy but can hide it. Amazing singing voice. (Will be asked to sing a cappella at audition.)

MARY DONNELLY [Asian/South Asian/Southeast Asian/Pacific Islander], 32, a plainly lovely odd woman with mommy issues. In love with her movie star stepbrother. (Role has been cast. Seeking only understudy.)

A satirical takedown coupled with moments of disorienting sincerity, Two Mile Hollow explores that age-old genre of plays about affluent white families retreating to their waterfront homes to battle it out. When the Donnelly’s convene for a weekend in the Hamptons to gather their belongings from the recently sold estate, both an internal storm and a literal storm brew. (Uh oh!) As this brood of famous, longing-to-be-famous, and kind of a mess but totally Caucasian family comes together with their non-white personal assistant, Charlotte, some really really really really really complicated and totally unique secrets are revealed over white wine…

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