What drew you to Two Mile Hollow?
I love Leah and I love Artists at Play so the two combined was too irresistible to pass up!

Describe your character Charlotte.
Idealistic yet realistic, on edge yet has everything under control, codependent yet an individual; clever, lonely, intelligent and confused. Kind. Charlotte is complicated. 😊

Why do you do theatre with small companies like Artists at Play?
I like doing theatre with small theatre companies because they aren’t beholden to anyone. They have control over the message they are sending and the content they are producing. 

What is your favorite “white people by the water play” and why?
Most plays feel like white people plays to me … only recently do you have playwrights stipulating POC casts. But I’m not familiar enough with any “water” plays to have a favorite!

Jessica Jade Andres in Two Mile Hollow
rehearsal with Parvesh Cheena

Learn more about Two Mile Hollow and buy tickets.

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