What drew you to Two Mile Hollow?
The script was so smart and funny, and it was a chance to work with my colleagues at AAP.

How is the process different between working on a world premiere versus a published play? 
There is much greater participation from the writer on a world premiere. So you have privileged access to help figure out what they were thinking.

What’s the best part about working on this show? Biggest challenges?
On each show, you get to put together the best possible team to come together in a room to tell a story, which is to say, to go on a marvelous new adventure with. I suspect this is why many of us love theater. The biggest challenge was figuring out how to fit a play this ambitious and grand into a relatively small space. But that’s also part of what makes LA intimate theater so special.

What do you think a play like this contributes to Los Angeles theatre?
Works that have a distinctly diverse sensibility continue the mission of encouraging our field to more accurately reflect the city and country that it claims to serve and represent. In this instance, it’s also a showcase for the wonderful talent in the Asian American community.

Learn more about Two Mile Hollow and buy tickets.

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