Artists at Play is dedicated to producing quality work on stage, and providing a professional working environment for our artists and volunteers. We’ve had the privilege of collaborating with talented, hard working individuals since our founding in 2011:

Trieu Tran, actor

“As both an actor and a theatregoer, I am a believer in Artists at Play’s mission and vision. To be a part of a collective of Asian American creative professionals who are telling the stories on stage of underrepresented communities was affirming and inspiring.  In The Chinese Lady, we were able to not only entertain the audience, but also to educate them on the history of Chinese immigrants coming to America. In turn, this helped raise awareness of the plight of most all ethnic groups that have immigrated to America in the past and in the present.  Producing quality theatre is not an easy task.  It requires dedication, passion and competence, which I witnessed firsthand from the producers at Artists at Play. Support from all of us through donations and ticket buying is imperative to their continued success in getting our important stories seen and heard.”

Rebecca Wear, director

Support AAP, the work that we do, and the opportunities we provide by making a tax-deductible donation.

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