Artists at Play is dedicated to presenting stories of underrepresented communities in Los Angeles. We are passionate about theatre – it is our tool for activism. We believe bearing witness to diverse perspectives and stories builds compassion and empathy that bridges the differences that divide us. 

Ticket sales only cover about 50 percent of our costs. Supporters like you help ensure we have the resources available to continue producing plays that explore the varied experiences of the Asian American community. 

We hope you’ll make a year-end tax-deductible donation to support our mission. In 2020, your contribution will help us:

  • Launch a theatrical tour where our work can reach new communities and young audiences.
  • Increase salaries and stipends to artists.
  • Provide additional resources for new play development.
  • Strengthen our fiscal health and future.

When Artists at Play was founded in 2011, our main goal was to present plays written by Asian American playwrights that weren’t being produced locally. Since then, our programming has grown to include new play development, partnerships with Los Angeles arts organization and advocacy for diversity in American theatre. 

The scope of our work demonstrates our commitment to telling compelling stories that reflect the unique communities we live in. We are honored that you believe in our mission and programming, and are our partners in curating quality, diverse theatre in Los Angeles. 

Thank you,

Julia, Stefanie, Marie, Nicholas, Katherine & Jessica
Artists at Play

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