Like so many immigrants seeking a better life, Carlos Bulosan followed his brothers from the Philippines to Seattle. He lived and worked across California, taking whatever jobs he could to survive, finding his voice in writing and fighting for workers’ rights along the way. ALLOS tells the story of his struggles in the United States, and how with courage and a strong spirit, he came to love and call this country home.

Featuring Michael C. Palma, Earl Baylon, Reuben Uy and Melody Butiu
Sound Design by Howard Ho
Edited by Fran de Leon
Stage Management by Brandon H. Cheng

ALLOS Program

screenshot of full 1-page program with information about ALLOS and bios of the artists.

ALLOS – Carlos Bulosan Timeline and Tagalog Glossary

Screen shot of the 1-page Carlos Bulosan Timeline and Tagalog Glossary.

Panel Discussion
UCLA Alumni Association panel discussion with playwright Giovanni Ortega and director Fran de Leon, moderated by Producing Artistic Leader Stefanie Lau.

ALLOS Activity Guide
ALLOS: The Story of Carlos Bulosan was originally commissioned by East West Players Theatre for Youth program. This study guide was created to complement their 2011 school tour.

Screenshot of the first page of the ALLOS Activity Guide.

Artists at Play Podcast
In this episode of the Artists at Play Podcast, producer Marie-Reine Velez discusses the legacy of Filipino novelist Carlos Bulosan and ALLOS, a play about his life and work, with Noel Alumit, Lucy Burns, Ginger Leopoldo and Giovanni Ortega.

Valor by Fran de Leon
Fran de Leon’s Valor began as a short movement piece about the Filipino American Veterans of World War II. When the pandemic shut down Center Theatre Group’s Library Reading Series, Fran adapted the work to a short form video as part of the organization’s Community Stories program. From historical markers to her mother’s personal accounts to finding untold family stories, Valor shines a light on an integral yet seldom talked about chapter of our country’s history. To book a screening and Q&A for your own organization, please contact Fran directly.

blue/green textured background with white and green text: CENTER THEATRE GROUP Live Watch 'VALOR' by Fran de Leon; next to a photo of Fran de Leon, a woman with brown skin; long, straight, dark brown/black hair; dangly earrings; and denim top; outdoors in natural sunlight.

A Filipino American Story Since 1587
From NextDayBetter, a YouTube channel dedicated to telling the untold stories of migrant communities. “A Filipino American Story” is an animated video presenting pivotal moments of courage, sacrifice and triumphs of Filipino Americans since 1587. 

faded photo background with a rip/tear in the middle with red text A FILIPINO AMERICAN STORY

The Eastern Hotel
Learn more about the historical and cultural significance of the Seattle hotel that Carlos Bulosan stays at when he arrives in the United States.

  • Recommended Reading List
    Books listed below can be found via browser search, or you can check with one of these AAPI-owned Bookstores.
    • Freedom from Want by Carlos Bulosan
    • On Becoming Filipino: Selected Writings of Carlos Bulosan by E. San Juan
    • The Romance of Magno Rubio by Lonnie Carter, based on the short story by Carlos Bulosan
    • Dogeaters by Jessica Hagedorn
    • Dear America: Notes of an Undocumented Citizen by Jose Antonio Vargas
    • Rolling the R’s by R. Zamora Linmark
    • Malaya: Essays on Freedom by Cinelle Barnes
    • America is Not the Heart: A Novel by Elaine Castillo
    • Puro Arte: On the Filipino Performing Body by Lucy Mae San Pablo Burns

Support or Get Involved with Community Organizations
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Artists at Play is exploring ways in which our work can enrich K-12 education, especially how our histories are situated within United States history. Recent events demonstrate that the stories and experiences of our diverse Asian American communities need to be learned and championed. Please email for more information.

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