The Producing Associate

I had never been an associate anything before Artists at Play. An associate is someone James Bond is told to meet, someone who is always seen in profile lurking behind pillars before they ultimately betray him and are killed for making their own plans. An associate is the craggy old guy flanking the mafia kingpin with a velvet-lined briefcase full of money. But here I am, a Producing Associate at Artists at Play, and not a single briefcase or pillar has been made available to me.

Artists at Play and the Impostor Syndrome

On the day that Artists at Play opened our eighth mainstage show, I was honored and privileged to represent our organization in a special conversation between Theater Leaders of Color. Hosted by artEquity and Oregon Shakespeare Festival, this was a two-day gathering all recorded as part of a podcast series. And throughout almost the entirety of that experience, I could not stop thinking that my being there was definitely a mistake.