99 HISTORIES: Indiegogo

Help Artists at Play bring 99 Histories to Los Angeles! Through our Indiegogo campaign, we have until Friday, July 25 to raise $7,000.See our progress on the right? Click on the image to go to our Indiegogo page. We invite you to watch our video and check out the perks that we're offering. And through our fiscal sponsor Fractured Atlas, DONATIONS ARE TAX-DEDUCTIBLE. Please consider contributing … Continue reading 99 HISTORIES: Indiegogo

2012 Donors

If you would like to make a contribution... Please contact us at ArtistsatPlayLA@gmail.com,  make a tax-deductible donation online through Fractured Atlas,or mail a check to the following address: Artists at Play P.O. Box 572 Alhambra, CA 91802Checks can be made out to Artists at Play,or to make your check donation tax deductible, make checks out to our … Continue reading 2012 Donors