No One Plays Badminton in America
By Ankita Raturi
Directed by Rebecca Wear
Featuring Savira Windyani, Chelsea Sik, Anjani Joshi, Pranshu Mishra, Alexander Chard, Will Choi, Ruy Iskandar and Joan Cheam
Sunday, June 12, 2022

16-year-olds Citra and Melati are nationally ranked badminton players determined to go pro – and represent Indonesia on the global stage. But when Citra’s family immigrates to America, she learns that she has other wants outside of her and Melati’s badminton dreams. And while Melati is on the path to achieve everything they wanted, she has never felt more alone. No One Plays Badminton in America asks us: Is making your country proud worth hardly ever seeing your family? Is the pursuit of a dream worth losing your culture?

Presented as part of the APAFT & AAP Emerging Playwright Commission

Photos by Emi Yoshino