Artists at Play … at Play! (2015)

Written by and featuring Julia Cho, Peter J. Kuo, Stefanie Lau, Nicholas Pilapil, Marie-Reine Velez

January 23, 2015
Armory Center for the Arts

2015 marks Artists at Play’s fifth anniversary of existence—and as a “thank you” to our supporters and audiences, we’ll be performing for you!

With Artists at Play … at Play!, producers Stefanie, Marie-Reine, Julia, Nicholas and Peter will step out from behind the curtain with original short plays created from a place of absolute honesty. Theatre, YouTube shame, dating, food love/issues … nothing is off-limits in this frank exploration of the things we constantly think about. An evening of laughter, embarrassment, truth and probably more than one instance of stage awkwardness (because it’s at least a little fun when the producers squirm a bit).