This is Not a True Story
Written by Preston Choi
Directed by Reena Dutt
Featuring Lisa Sanaye Dring, Rob Nagle, VyVy Nguyen and Jenny Soo
April 11, 2019 at USC Pacific Asia Museum

The heroine of Madame Butterfly completes her tragic suicide, only to wake up trapped in a never ending loop of her story. Then Miss Saigon is born thrusting another heroine into the deadly cycle, until a mysterious office woman throws the world out of balance. This Is Not A True Story unravels the history of Orientalist art, theatre, and the danger of fiction becoming reality.

Preston Choi (Playwright) is a Chicago-based playwright. His work focuses on Asian American history, mixed race lives, and social science fiction. His plays include A Great Migration or The Migratory Patterns of the North American Monarch Butterfly and the Development of Fatherless Sons (2017 Agnes Nixon Award; 2019 National New Play Showcase), This Is Not A True Story (2018 CAATA ConFest), Happy Birthday Mars Rover (The Passage Theatre, G45 Lightbulb Reading Series), and the performing class (2020-2021 Playwrights Realm Scratchpad Series). His plays have been developed with Silk Road Rising, A Squared, Theatre Mu, Artists at Play, Sideshow Theatre, CAATA, The Passage Theatre, G45 Productions, and Our Perspective. He received a BS in Theatre from Northwestern University in 2018.